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Monday, 26 September 2011

The Bikini Diaries - Lacey Alexander

The Bikini Diaries

While vacationing on Florida's Emerald Coast, shy Wendy Carnes spots a woman who personifies sex, a woman clearly ready for action. Inspired, Wendy gets a sexy new bikini and a new attitude. But if she does seduce a hot beach guy, what then? At what point does the fantasy become a reality? Can she really indulge in casual sex for the mere sport of it? When does the person you pretend to be become the person you are?

The Bikini DiariesHmmm... What do I think?

This book was steamy mentally and physical. I thought all the steamy sex was never gonna end. Thank Goodness it did, because it was a lot to handle.

The couple in this book Wendy & Brandon are very daring. Wendy wants to let loose and prove to herself she can be just like many pretty woman who flaunt themselves and love the thought of men/women who eye them & make them feel sexy. So Wendy wanting to try something new for a change gets curious for a week while away on a business trip at a Beach Resort. So that's where Brandon comes in this story. He’s more of a one night stand kind of guy till he meets his challenge Wendy. This is where the stories hotness heats up! They were both wrong thinking they could have just a one night stand, because it leads to more nights with hot, sticky, naughty sex! Which was totally insane. There wasn't one position or naughty thought they didn't do! Along with m/f/m & f/f action and of course the famous cucumber-turned sex toy scene.....Crazy stuff! *still trying to get a grip*

All in all, I enjoyed this book. It did have a sweet plot to the story.(when they weren't having mind blowing sex.) I suggest it to readers who are interested in a challenge to read something outta the ordinary that they would never pick up on their own. Go ahead challenge yourself. I dare you! Ahahaha......


Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Sounds good Elena!

Tyraa said...

I have this on my tbr list and keep meaning to start it. Cucumber sex? sign me up. lmaoo JUST KIDDING!

Elena said...

Tyraa, you have no idea! The one lonely cucumber was used in EVERY hole possible!! Lmao!!!

Good Luck! Hope you enjoy *snickers*

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