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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades #2)

 Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2)

Daunted by the singular sexual tastes and dark secrets of the beautiful, tormented young

 entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new

career with a Seattle publishing house.

But desire for Christian still dominates her every waking thought, and when he proposes a new arrangement, Anastasia cannot resist. They rekindle their searing sensual affair, and Anastasia learns more about the harrowing past of her damaged, driven and demanding Fifty Shades.
While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her, and make the most important decision of her life.

It had only been 24 hours in between book one and book two in the Fifty Shades of Grey series for me. But it was 24 hours to long.  I declared book one – BEST.BOOK.EVER. Hmmm, so it makes me wonder what I can award this book that will give it its due rewards. I’m thinking:
Yes, that does have a nice ring to it doesn’t it?
We start  Fifty Shades Darker where we left off in the first book – with the massive cliff hanger! Ana is miserable and starting her new job. I didn’t know what to expect in reading this one and to be honest I was a little bit apprehensive about it. After book one rocked my world I was scared to be disappointed in this one. 
One might think from the title, that we were going to be sucked deeper into the world that is BDSM and Christians Red Room of Pain. But the aptly titled –Fifty Shades Darker stems from the depths of Christians past and the obstacles that the two have to overcome together.
Ana’s character is very much the same as it was in book one. Very much an over thinker but still right up there with my top heroines of all time. Christian on the other hand does a total 180 flip. His character becomes a lot lighter and comical but we also see a very scared side of him. It was amazing reading into Christians past and fears of losing Ana. I would actually feel like I was in the room with them and intruding on their intimate moments. The characters have such deep feelings for one another; it could bring a woman to tears.
If that doesn’t describe how talented an author E.L James is, then I don’t know what does.
The entire book kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t wait to finish it, but when I did, I felt like I spoiled the book for myself. I wanted to go back and savour every second of it. James’s writing is so hypnotic. It draws you in and catches you completely. Its face paced, with never a dull moment, filled with suspense, hotter than Texas in July and just plain erotic.
At the end of this emotional rollercoaster, I’m ready to arrive at my platform and exit,  thoroughly pleased and coming down from a Grey high. But James does it again! She Cliff Hangers me! After stalker tweeting with James herself today, I was informed book 3 is to be a 2012 release * deep breaths* ... I endeavour to pick my heart up of the floor and await on bated breath until book 3 has a release date – hell, even a name will give me the tingles.
What more can I say? I’m in love. I love this series, I love this author. I love the writing style. And I love this book.

In the words of Christian Grey;
Laters, baby.
Sam S2 (Salastam_S2), Twitchy Palm, Tingly panties, Moderator of Sam, E and R’s Awesomness.


_yay_ said...

I hear you my fellow #FiftyShadesTeam member and #kinkyfuckery partner in crime!
Thanks, E L James for tweeting with us the other day :-)
You cannot wait for boom 3 - neither can I.
Awesome review.
_yay_ @ BookthatThing
An idea! Wanna swap our Fifty Shades Darker reviews for BBAW?

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Great review babe!

Sam S2 said...

Thanks everyone! I cannot push this series enough!

E L James said...

Oh my... Thank you Sam... awesome review.
EL x

Amy said...

Great review and Im lovin grey too!! Im reading Darker now and trying to read slow since book 3 comes out in Jan but its hard to go slow!! :)
Im always sayin to my hubby now laters baby and he just gives me this look...lol
well I need to go back to reading Darker!

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