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Friday, 16 September 2011

Enemy Mine by Karin Harlow ( L.O.S.T. book 2)

Enemy Mine by Karin Harlow
L.O.S.T. series book 2

For anyone who loved or disliked the previous novel "Enemy Lover" I guarantee you'll love this novel just the same or much more. There's a heavy plot set on paranormal alone and boy oh boy this novel is steamy!!!

Daemons, Hellkeepers of the underworld have a plan to remove one thing Vampires need to survive "Human Blood" Everyone is after the "Cask" it's basically an atomic bomb to kill the Human Race. The L.O.S.T team, the Order and the Hellkeepers all wanna stop each other from getting there hands on it.

Selena De La Roja, (I like that name it,suits the heroine.) She's kickass and refuses to underestimate "DaddyO" She knows his plans and it forces her to do what she should have done long ago, Kill the SOB for choosing to loose and lie to her beloved Johnny Cicone aka now Nikko Cruz purrr.... And also to take revenge on the dreadful relationship her father had with her mother. Through out the novel there's one person Selena has in mind and will kill any living thing that'll threaten her existence, the love of her life,her daughter Marisol.

This novel is extremely Action packed and full of surprises. Did i mention the steamy part already? Its so hot, it'll make the window your sitting next to fog up! I loved the past relationship between the H/H and their connections to one another. Though times made them stronger. They define the phrase "Happily Ever After" Love it!

If you read the first book and thought it was just A-Okay. Then I assure you this one is BETTER! Go on, get comfy and enjoy a good novel.


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