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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Below The Belt by Skye Warren

Black belt Abe Montgomery is focused on winning gold. But at nationals, Abe meets Paris, a beautiful, mysterious woman. Paris Rivera has sworn off men and martial arts. Her black belt cost her more than years of dedication and sweat. The fight of Abe’s life looms ahead, with his dreams of owning a school and his future with Paris hanging in the balance. He may dominate on the mats, but he’s fallen hard for her. When the time comes for them to part, he may not be able to let go. 

Rhonda's Review

Below the Belt by Skye Warren

I read  my first Skye Warren novella a few weeks ago, and got a glimpse into the darker side of her mind in Trust In Me.  Now I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the softer side of Skye Warren in Below The Belt.  The things that have held true on both sides is her ability to convey believable human emotion.  I really enjoy her writing style, and in Below the Belt I got to see a little of her humor that came through in her characters.  I also enjoyed the setting of the story. My brother is a 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo, and I’m familiar with the ceremonies, and competitions, so this came across realistic to me. 

Abe Montgomery is a martial arts black belt competing at nationals in Seattle.  A night out and bantering with the guys spurs a wager for Abe Montgomery that involves getting into some girls’ panties.  Well Mr. Montgomery didn’t have to look very far. Just beyond the table of groupies to the beautiful girl sitting alone in the shadows. Paris Rivera seems to be a bit of a challenge at first, but she quickly concedes to the charming Abe Montgomery.  I can’t say that I blame her, I would have been throwing my panties at him too.  It takes no time for Abe to determine that Paris is the kind of young lady he would like to actually get to know,  but Paris isn’t so sure that’s such a good idea.

Abe is striving for a gold medal, the ticket to making his dreams come true.  While Paris is striving to get as far away from the martial arts world as possible.  Along the way, Abe realizes that the gold medal he has been working so hard toward may not be the only ticket to his happiness. And Paris realizes that second chances are deserved, even for her.

I enjoyed the H/h in this little story.  Abe is, sweet, charming, compassionate, and oh so sexy!! (Purrr)  Paris is so cute, and caring, and sassy, I enjoyed her a lot as well.  The possibilities have been left open for a sequel to this story, so I hope there will be. 


GraceDZ said...

I like a hero that makes one purrr! Great review!

helpmerhonda72 said...

Thanks Grace! ;-)

Elena said...

Awe what a cute review =)

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