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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Conversions By S.C Stephens (conversion #1)

Emma is happy. She's got a promising career in front of her, great friends, and a pretty amazing family. But her social life has been a little lacking lately. That's when fate stepped in, and crashed her into a tall, dark and handsome man. Sure, he has his secrets...don't we all, and, yeah, maybe his secrets are a little more unusual than most - like he's a partial vampire who can walk around during the day, but also enjoys a little plasma nightcap now and again - but to Emma, he's single, successful, and an extraordinary gentleman. That makes up for a lot. Of course, his condition is a bit more serious than he first lets on, and living a life with him will require some sacrifices that most just aren't willing to make. Will she? Is love enough to compensate for a life that will never be anywhere near the realm of normalcy? But then again...what's normal anyway?

Sam's Review:

 What a world S.C Stephens has created! I had no idea what I was getting myself in for when I opened this book. I knew that I loved ‘Thoughtless’ and ‘Effortless’ so I knew that this would not be any different.
This story was certainly a new concept in the world of Vampires for me. The story is based around Emma Taylor who is in a very monogamous job, lives in a small family home and is living in a world of repetition. She is bored with her life and is waiting for something or someone to come along and sweep her off her feet. Lucky for her, she literally runs into Teren, Vampire extraordinaire.

So what makes this vampy story different from others? You see, Taren is only a ‘little bit Vampire’. He is almost completely human. He is a third generation vamp and as such is more human than fanger.  Taren and Emma become very quickly involved in a hot and heavy relationship that when you first read may come across as rushed, but there is very much a  reason for that (most of the reasons cannot be explained without severe spoilers).

This was really a sweet love story. And a hard book to put down. I loved that this was a new spin on Vampires. The book is actually based around what happens after the two meet, not so much their meeting and hooking up. The secondary characters were perfectly fitted into the story and there weren’t any useless page fillers.

What I didn’t like? The constant and repetitive way that Emma was always hitting and smacking Teren! OMG! This woman was laying into him left, right and centre! Every other line was ‘I smacked his arm, I belted his chest...’ it was too much and in the end I felt like I wanted to reach into the book and snap the chic’s wrist!

I have book two and three lined on my kindle to read next and I’m looking forward to having more of this new and diverse Vampire world revealed to me.

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