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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fatal Embrace - Aris Whittier

ISBN: 1410402460 (ISBN13: 9781410402462)
primary language: English
original title : Across Eternity
setting :Dana Point, California (United States)
Several years ago, Michael Craven gave up his career as a detective when his fiancé was killed and her killer never caught. Living with the guilt, he throws himself into his Montana ranch and his solitary existence. But, when a serial killer starts making his way through a nearby town, Michael is asked to come back and help a good friend and fellow detective, solve the crime. In doing so, he must hire someone to take his place on the ranch.
When horse trainer, Jess Stanson shows up, it takes Michael by surprise. Jess turns out to be Jessica. Jessica convinces him to let her stay. Over time they established a fragile friendship. Although, on the inside both feel more but, Michael's past prevents him from being anything but distant and serious.

As Michael works diligently to track down the killer he finds that Jessica is the only witness to the case. Vowing to protect her with his life and keep his growing feelings separate is no easy task. When Jessica becomes a target it becomes personal for Michael and he can no longer deny his love for this spirited woman. He will do anything to protect her, including giving his own life.


Wow! I liked this so much more than what I thought I would! I read reviews etc on it, but didn’t realize how much it would pull me in and weave a web thru my subconscious to not let the book down until it was finished! I was so drawn into the story and I just had to keep reading to see what happened next!
This story really got you thinking, I kept thinking I knew who the bad guy was, but I was totally off the mark.  It was really well written in that regard. It was an emotional story, with a beautiful romance that pulls at the heart strings. The author was very descriptive, and you could almost imagine the beautiful country side of Montana.
Michael Carven is an ex Police Detective who now runs a ranch in Montana. When his former partner in crime, Dan calls and asks for his help on a case of a serial killer he decides to give it a crack. Michael lets Dan organise a new employee to help out around the ranch while his working on the case. Dan hires Jessica Stanson and although Michael isn’t too pleased to have a woman running his ranch, he quickly agrees to give her a trial.
It didn’t take long for sparks to fly between these two. How could it not? Living together, sneaking around the house at odd hours wearing flimsy night gowns......romance waiting to happen!
Things take a turn for the worse when the Serial Killer, Michael is hunting turns his sights on Jessica. Michael already lost his first love through tragedy eerily similar and he won’t let it happen again now he has found Jess.
Michael is a very broody character and it took a while for me to warm up to him. He was hot and cold with his emotions and I felt bad for Jess at time. But when he finally did let the walls down, he was a very likable character. Jess is a very strong heroine, and I loved that she didn’t let anyone push her around and she fought for her life. Girls Rock!
This really was a great, face paced story that I enjoyed immensely.  I’m looking forward to Aris’s next book and am happy to add another author to the awesome pile.


TinaBuriedUnderBooks said...

Awesome review!! You make me want to read this book!! Added it to my list.

helpmerhonda72 said...

great review Sam... AS always! :)

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