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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lucianne Rivers, Interview and Giveaway

Lucianne Rivers

Please make a very warm welcome to Ms. Lucianne Rivers, author of the Caldwell Sisters Trilogy – 


We have been very lucky to have Lucianne join us for an interview and giveaway of her first book in the Caldwell series, Hold me.

So go grab a coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy our interview, read my reviews of the Caldwell Sisters books and enter our giveaway for your chance to win!

Please, let me introduce you....

Lucianne writes romantic suspense for Entangled Publishing and Cobblestone Press. Born and raised in Ireland, she currently lives in New Mexico with her young daughter.

Formerly a stage and television actress, she now manages a non profit and is NM State Champion in her weight class for Olympic style weightlifting. Recently she has taken up Cross fit, Jiu Jitsu and boxing.

Interview with Lucianne Rivers

Hi Lucianne, thanks a lot for coming and joining us on our blog today for an interview. I thought today we could keep it light, and try and have some laughs along the way. So Lucy (Hope you don’t mind me calling you Lucy) let’s start with a simple question that always plagues me when I start a book, where do you even begin to come up with names of your books from

A pleasure to be here!!

A) I'm Irish, and the first part of the title was inspired by the music of a certain well-known Irish pop-rock band. I had to alter the ending to avoid copyright issues.

I ask this to every author I interview – and I understand if you don’t want to answer this. But keeping to the light side of things...Ms. Rivers, do you ever write naked? And where is your favourite place to write?

A) LOL. I have never written naked. I have an office desk with, most importantly, an ergonomic chair. I've tried writing while sitting on my sofa, and my body protested.

Do you like to listen to music while writing? And what is your favourite song right now? At the moment I’m listening to Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. I love getting caught up in the words.

A) Generally, no. I need complete silence to write. However, while blogging I tune in to the Rihanna station on Pandora.

You were born in Ireland. I will start of by saying how jealous I am! I would love to travel to Ireland. Do you travel back often? And what made you make the big move to the New Mexico? (Should have come to Australia, we're pretty awesome down under)

A) I go back home about once a year if I can, to visit my parents. In 2006 I was really into pranayama, yogic breathwork, which is a type of meditation. There was a teacher in the US who lived in Los Angeles. I traveled over a couple of times for workshops, fell in love with the place, and decided to quit my job back home and spend six months traveling in the US. I ended up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, fell in love, and never wanted to leave.

If you could have a dinner date with any of your characters, male or female, who would you pick, where would you go and what would you eat?

A) Margo, from THRILL ME, because she's so much fun to be around and with her, nothing is sacred. I'm pretty sure we'd have a late dinner of tapas, then go clubbing...

You haven’t always been an Author, what made you decide to make the transition in the big world of books and did you have an experience or background in this area?

A) I trained as an actress in university and had some small success in Ireland as a television and theatre performer. I also taught drama for several years. When I was in my early twenties, I made a failed attempt at writing a romantic suspense. It wasn't publishable, but I did end up having a very nice email conversation with well-known literary agent Elaine English, who has Irish heritage.

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with another author, who would be your pick?

A) Susan Wiggs. We write in different genres, but her work is amazing. Her historicals are among the few books I like to read over and over. She brings truth, and real, palpable human emotion to each of her romances. I'm sure she'd have a lot to teach me.

Can you tell us any juicy new books that are in the works for you right now?

A) Just finished ENTICE ME--Allison and former navy SEAL, Robert's story--which wraps up the Caldwell Sisters Trilogy. I'm also about to embark on writing a full-length novel entitled, VICE & VALKYRIES (also the title of my blog, viceandvalkyries.blogspot.com), which is a gritty paranormal romantic suspense set in Viking City, USA. United States of Asgardia. Think Sin City meets Thor. The characters have been on my mind for months now. It's about time I let them loose to save the world as they know it.

Five Question Quickie!

Favourite alcoholic drink?

A) Tequila on the rocks with soda water and a dash of lime

PC or Mac?


Favourite colour lingerie?

A) Black

Worst Trait?

A) Impatience

Best Trait?

A) An open heart

Thank you Lucy for joinging me today! Now, please read on for my review and giveaway of


Hold Me, Thrill Me,
Entice Me....

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Lucianne Rivers asking me if I would be interested in reading her Caldwell Sisters Trilogy. After having a sneak peek into some past reviews I decided to delve head first into this novella series. I have to start by saying that I have not regretted my decision. These three books were fast, quirky, have a great story line that stretched across the entire three novels and each had a hawt romance to boot! Because each book is only roughly 70+ pages long, I will do a review for each book within one big review.

We start of the trilogy with eldest sister, Jane Caldwell. Jane and her two sisters have just been delivered the news that the father they thought was dead is in fact still very much alive. The sisters find this out at the reading of their mothers will, and much to their shock it stipulates that whichever sister finds him, also gets the family ranch. 

Each sister takes off to some part of the world on a wild goose hunt to find their father. Jane takes off to Guatemala/Mexico.  But once Jane is in Mexico she finds herself at a great disadvantage. There is a huge language barrier, she is inappropriately prepared and is without a place to sleep.

Her saving grace comes in the form of, Harrison DeNeuve, who steps in and helps Jane with finding shelter, food and transportation.  Both are instantly attracted to each other and Harrison immediately takes Jane under his wing to protect her and help her find her missing father.

I liked both characters, but wished there were more of a back story to Harrison’s reasons for celibacy and self exile from the world. 

Keeping in mind that this is a novella and things generally move very fast in the world of short stories, this was very well done. It was an engaging story that I read in one sitting. It was filled with adventure with a sensual love story twisted within. 

Bring on book two and three!

Book two takes on middle sister, Margo, and her hunt for her missing father in the Virgin Islands. Margo is in her mid twenties, is a detective, loves her fitness and is easily the most serious out of all three sisters. But when she arrives in the Virgin Islands and meets Adrian Prince, the younger man sets her heart sailing (literally). Margo joins Adrian on his boat who has agreed to sail her to the neighbouring island in pursuit of finding her father.

Although it is bought up on numerous occasions that Adrian is younger than Margo by a couple of years, unless it was mentioned you would have never have picked up on it. Adrian is very mature for his age, and is described as being mouth-watering gorgeous.

The two find themselves falling hard and fast for another and the romance between the two is freaking hot!

Thrill me, had a nice thrill element to it. It kept you on your edge, and even when the danger had subsided, we still didn’t get out HEA immediately. Thrill me packed a lot more into its 70+ pages than Hold Me managed to, and it really added fuel to its fire.

I’m very excited to now move onto the yet to be released, Entice Me. Hopefully it will round off a so far great miniseries.

Entice Me (Caldwell Sisters #3) – 4 STARS

We reach book three and our final journey with youngest sister, Allison to the very dangerous country of Afghanistan.  With both her elder sister of in different locations around the world, in pursuit of their missing father, it is left up to Allison to head to Afghanistan when another chance comes up that he could in fact be a P.O.W.

But before Allison can even hop on the plane she is railroaded by the families personal Private Investigator, Robert Rivera and former Navy SEAL.  Robert refuses to let Allison go to the war ravaged country without him to guide and protect her.

The pair journey together on the perilous route to find Zach Caldwell in a country that could very well get them killed. But somewhere along the way Allison realizes that she has very deep feelings for Robert, despite their 16 year age gap. 

The pair share a sizzling night together in the Afghani heat, but Allison is heart wrenched when Robert, who is confused about his feelings for Allison tells her they cannot be.

Book three is easily the most action packed book of the bunch! Its over flowing with Traps, Terrorist, near misses, an enticing mystery into Zach Caldwell and a romantic adventure. 

This book wraps up the trilogy just nicely, with all sisters getting their HEA and finally after three books that are all set simultaneously, finding their long lost father. 

WOW! I recommend this series to anyone! It was so easy to read all three books and each one was heartfelt and very well written.

To be in the running to win a pdf copy of 

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Please leave your email in the comments section, so its easier to contact you should you be our lucky winner.

Competition is international and is subject to our giveaway policy.  A winner will be selected at random and notified on the 20th October via email.


Bona Fide Reflections said...

Good Morning, Ladies! Great job on the interview. The author seemed very easy to talk to and her book sound like some really sexy reading. Thank you for sharing with all of us out here in cyberspace.

Happy Reading,
Bona Fide Reflections

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Tanks for introducing Lucianne Rivers to us! Would love to try her novels!

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Awe! Great interview Ladies! Awesome job on on the reviews Sam ;)

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Great Interview. It's always great to know more of the authors who write these books!

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Great reviews and I loved the interview as well. This author definitely will be going on my TBR pile.

Nikki said...

The author sounds wonderful!! Thanks for the great review and interview!!

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Lucianne rocks, you should so check out her book! I just stopped by to give me three fave peep a high five on another kick a&& interview. Hugs all!

Sam S2 said...

You said it Rachel!! Her books were great! and I was so lucky to be able to read them. Just another awesome author to add to the list!

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Great giveaway:)
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Can I join this giveaway too? :P
Love the interview and well, I'm with Sam here, so jealous with Ms Rivers born in Ireland, would love to go there someday =)
Thanks for the giveaway!

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These sound great and I love finding new to me authors. Thanks for the chance to win

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