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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Return to Me (Last Chance Rescue #2) - Christy Reece

return-to-me.jpgDESIRED TO DEATH

Posing as an underage teenager, Samara Lyons is out to trap an online predator. Smart, fiery, and fresh off a broken engagement, Samara is up for the challenge. But this challenge might not be so easy. Her boss, Noah McCall, head of a private international corporation called Last Chance Rescue, can't disguise his raw, physical desire for Samara - and she's going crazy battling her own feelings for him. The middle of a high-stakes op, with the fate of dozens of innocent lives on the line, is not the time to indulge in sensual delights.

Then the sting explodes, forcing Noah to face his dark past and throwing Samara into the middle of an evil tug-of-war. Noah must confront an enemy he knows better than anyone else in the world, while Samara must find a way to stay alive. Now it's no longer a matter of desire - it's all about survival.
I LOVED this book, and I couldn’t find one reason not to give it 5 stars.

Pamela Clare was my first romantic suspense books, and IMO, she can be a tough act to follow.

Well Christy Reece has me all “Fan Girl” now!
This is my second Romantic Suspense from Reece, and it is the second instalment in the LAST CHANCE RESCUE series. I really liked the first book “Rescue Me” and Reece did not disappoint in this one.
Her descriptions of everything are excellent, not too much, just right. The images in my head were like a movie playing.

Return To Me is a continuation of the first book. We meet all of the players, good and bad, in the first book. A new character pops up in this one, who plays a major role in the story. The suspense of the story isn’t a “who done it”. It’s pretty much known all along who the bad guys are. I loved watching the story play out, wondering what was going to happen next.

Characters are really important to me, whether I love them or hate them. And Reece made me absolutely love the 2 lead characters.

Noah McCall is the founder and “head man in charge” of the LCR (Last Chance Rescue) organization. I got to know him very little in the first book as a secondary character. Now in Return to me, he is a full blown lead character, with the alpha male presence that of my favorite kind. The mysterious, loner, brooding tortured hero, yanked at my heart strings, and tugged my tear ducts more than once. Learning about his past broke my heart.
A good part of his past is found out early on in the book, but it’s not until the traumatic events of the story play out that we find out the depths of his emotional scars.

Noah first meets Samara Lyons toward the end of the first book, and she’s quite the firecracker. She comes across to him like no one else, tough, “take no crap” attitude clashes with Noah and the sparks ignite.

The story begins:
Noah shows up in Samara’s hometown of Birmingham Alabama to ask her to help him with an operation. Because she is small in stature, and looks years younger than she is, he thinks she’d be perfect to help him catch an online predator, who is associated with a human trafficking ring. After some…convincing, she agrees to help him. Samara is harbouring some residual hurt feelings from Noah, but as the story unfolds and she gets to know him, (as much as he’ll let her) she starts to develop other feelings for him, and him for her. The sexual tension builds to explosive proportions.
Noah is constantly trying to keep Samara at arms length, (unsuccessfully at times) because he thinks he has nothing to offer. His work is his life, and he has no time, or desire for a relationship. That combined with his past, makes him think he has nothing to give Samara. Well…Samara has other plans.

*********** QUOTES*******
Like the rarest of all treasures, he explored her as if she were a precious, undiscovered jewel. Every soft sigh he cherished, every groan ingrained into his memory. When she took him inside her, it was as if he were coming home, As if in her arms, all the answers in the universe were hers to give and he greedily accepted them. Surging into her heated warmth, Noah found what he’d been searching for his entire life.

Lying across the bed that only an hour ago he’d shared with Samara, he inhaled the lingering sweetness of her fragrance. Their lovemaking the first time had been purely sexual, intense and passionate, but without the intensity of deep feelings. Today it had been that…purely lovemaking. A wry grimace tugged at his mouth. He was thirty-two years old and had just made love for the first time today.


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