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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Learn more about our newest reviewers!

Meet  Holly
I have to say that I have been an avid reader for as far back as I can remember, but a handful of years ago I discovered erotic romance and holy crap, I'm pretty sure I became an instant junkie!! I am a sucker for a good emotional story, make me cry, laugh or break my heart and I am a happy girl. LOL I guess I would describe my obsession with books, and yes, it is an obsession, as my escape into another persons life for brief periods of time! I have lived my whole life in Michigan and even though I love it here we tend to have a whole lot of cold months of the year that are perfect for curling up with a good book!

When the girls approached me about being a reviewer for the blog I was a little unsure, but then thought, what the heck! What a better way to tell more people about the books that really move me!! So, here I am and all I have to say is...you asked for it!! :)

Meet  Ren
Nice to meet you all :)

Hmm, so a little bit thing about myself, 
Why I love reading? I think I begin my love of reading since I'm just a little brat in kindergarten. I read from all kind of writing. Newspaper, comic, history books, you name it. But I always read comics until I enter college. After my friend lend me her Linda Howard's White Lies, since that day my love to reading romance novels begin =).

I'm from Indonesia, so that's why my English far from perfect and maybe.. weird. But I practice everyday by reading books which 90% from books I have are English book, the rest are translated version, discussing about book or things I love and writing reviews on Goodreads. 

I begin write review this year, and I become addicted to write review, especially in English. Well, because book I read in English, if I write in Indonesia, lot of people will confused when read it =).

Why I agree to join Sam, Elena and Rhonda's blog? Well, we all meet and know each other from a wonderful site named Goodreads, and when they ask me to review for this blog, without doubt, I said : YES! ^_^


Elena said...

Awe!!! Y'all ladies are the best! I'm so grateful we snatched you two up. Love your Bio's! I hope you enjoy your experiences reviewing with us crazy chicks!

We're all very excited to have you chickpea in our group!

Y'all are so special I'm sending y'all my *Lezbo huggies* Rotfl!!! Muah! Xoxo's


Jeanette said...

Nice to meet you, Holly and Ren!

Holly, I lived a pretty insulated life in cold climes too for a long time. Fiction is definitely a welcome escape!

Ren, sounds like you bring a unique perspective! I'm glad your friend gave you that romance novel and got you hooked.

Ren said...

Thanks Elena!! =D
I'm so happy can review for you all! And hi to Holly too! *waves*

Hi Jeanette!
I will always say thanks to my friend to make me a romance addicts until now ^^. I hope you will enjoy my reviews in the future =)

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