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Friday, 28 October 2011

The Perfect Play - Jaci Burton

From the national bestselling author of Riding the Night comes an erotic story about love and the games people play. The last thing event planner Tara Lincoln needs is the jet-set lifestyle of a football pro like Mick Riley; even though their steamy and passionate one-night stand proved that Mick is an all-star-both on the field and in the bedroom. Tara played the game of love once and lost big, and she doesn't intend to put herself out there again, especially with a certified heartbreaker. But when Mick sets his mind to win, nothing will stop him. And he has the perfect play in mind to catch this sultry vixen

Fist and for most I’m going to do EXACTLY what all the other fan girls of this book have done and just sit  here for a little while with maybe a little bit of drool coming from my mouth whilst I ogle the front cover of this book. Heaven have mercy – could Jed Hill get maybe a little but hotter? He has got to be the perfection of male specimens. 

This is a very erotic and captivating book.  I didn’t think I could like a sports romance, but this book just set me on fire. It had enticing characters, a story line to keep my hanging on and a cute almost dream come true feel. 

Mick Riley is the epitome of man. Yummy! He is the super star quarterback for the San Francisco Sabers – anyone who is anyone wants to be him, be seen with him, or be with him. Mick’s agent, Elizabeth wants nothing more than to see the new hottest thing hanging off Micks arm so he can make more money money money. Mick is tiring of this life style and when by an off chance runs into a woman looking lost in the men’s locker rooms he is more than happy to point her in the right direction. Mick is instantly attracted to her, but he doesn’t even get her name.

Tara Lincon is in her 30’s, a single mom to a 14 year old boy – Nathan and is building her Event Planning business up from the ground. When Tara has been giving the charge of organizing the teams summer party she doesn’t expect to run into the gorgeous piece of man that she met briefly earlier in the day.  Tara isn’t interested in a relationship but Mick is surly tempting – he is everything she thought he wouldn’t be. Tara is torn between a man who could have any women he wants – but wants her, and protecting her son  and life she has created.

The story is filled with alot of emotion and heartbreak, its reeking of hot sex and adjusting to new lifestyles. Both characters have to overcome issues to be with each other and learn alot along the way. The pair get to spend time with Micks family, were we get to met Micks brother and sister who each have their own books.

Both characters were fantastic! I loved Mick; he was everything a woman could want. Built like a brick shit house, wealthy – but not up yourself wealthy, good looking, kind hearted and down to earth. He actually felt pretty real. He had a pretty major personal problem that worked in well with the book – but I’m not letting that cat out of the bag.

Tara was a fiercely protective mother, and so she should have been. I applauded her for that, and when her son was compromised I agree when she stood up to for him. She did have some trust issues, but that was mainly because of her past and I understood that.      I think Tara was pretty much in awe the whole time thinking that there was no way a normal girl like her could end up with someone like Mick. It was like a fairy tale.

All in this entire book scored a touchdown in my book! LOL!!

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Elena said...

YAY! Great Review BABE!

I too was afraid to pick up these novels,I thought it was all about sports. Thanks for confirming it's a smexy read. Oh Yeah BEBE!

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