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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sweet Surrender - Maya Banks

ISBN: 0425219437 (ISBN13: 9780425219430)
primary language: English
original title:Sweet Surrender (Sweet Series, #1)
series : Sweet #1

The author of For Her Pleasure makes readers surrender to erotic romantic suspense. It doesn't get much hotter. Dallas cop Gray Montgomery is on a mission to find the guy who killed his partner. So far, he's found a link between the killer and Faith, a beautiful stranger-and if Gray has to get close to her to catch the killer, so be it. And closer still when the killer makes his own moves on the vulnerable young woman.


Just the book to drag me out of what seemed my never ending book funk. I feel like I can always fall back onto a Maya Bank book and be guaranteed an intense, addictive read. Sweet Embrace was no different. 

Gray is a cop working undercover to find and avenge his partner’s killer. When a tip comes that the killer is involved with a woman who constantly smooches of her daughter, Gray arranges to go undercover at the office’s where the daughter works and get close to the daughter to see what he can find out and hopefully bring justice to his partner.

Faith is a strong; independent woman who knows what she is looking for. She craves to have a man take charge in a relationship – she wants to have to relinquish all control and let someone else do it for her. She is surprised when she finds all the qualities she is looking for in Gray. Little does she realize that Gray is lying to her about why and who he is, the whole time? (IMPENDING DOOM ANYONE?)

The book was an easy read that I got thru in one day. The hero was a little hot and cold, but still very sweet and caring.  Although the last half of the book is kind of scorching ( public displays, anal, ménage, kink, D/S play) it isn’t actually in my frame of mind, classed as kinky or overly erotic. It was done rather tastefully. Pretty much, Banks makes any woman want to submit, especially if it means getting pampered and having nana naps all day like Faith does.

One point I must make; shower scenes are hot, bath scenes romantic/hot – but this book had enough bathing to have their skin wrinkle and dissolve – obviously these two were not in a draught. It got to much and I found myself skimming the multiple shower/bath scenes.  

The secondary characters were the ones that really caught my attention. Micah was freaking hot! His tiny scenes with Faith in the bedroom turned me on hotter than the ones with Faith and Gray. Then there was Damon, his character did seem odd in the context of the story. I did feel like he was just ‘placed’ in there to fill in a spot – but heck, who cares when there is a millionaire willing to share whatever they have with you for the off chance they might get a go at you. I cannot wait to read their stories.
Sign me up, because I’m on board the Sweet Train now and I’m not getting off...well actually.... (LOL get it... ‘Getting off’....hahaha)


helpmerhonda72 said...

Love the revew Sam!! These books are HOT, enjoy Damon, he's so fecking hot!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Not in a drought? LOL!

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