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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Long Time Coming - Scarlet Parrish

Piper Holt’s only after one thing: a man who’s only after one thing. Previous lovers demanded either subservience or her heart, neither of which are up for negotiation, so Leo Carson's attitude makes him her ideal match. Handsome, shameless and equally impulsive, he appears to want nothing more than a white-hot overnight liaison. 'Overnight' somehow develops into the entire weekend but come Monday morning, pride keeps her back turned and Piper walks away. Denying her own feelings doesn't mean that Leo has none though, and if she's going to atone for hurting him she'll have to admit the 'one thing' she now wants is the man she's in danger of losing forever

Long Time Coming
By Scarlett Parrish
M/F Contemporary Erotica

Piper Holt has just broken up with her boyfriend, (who is an asshole, by-the-way). So now with her sense of freedom, she’s decided to have some fun, starting with her brothers’ friend Gray. Piper and Gray met previously at a party her brother was having a while back, and have been harboring an attraction for each other since. They finally hook up, and all seemed to be going well on their date, which ended up in the sack… exactly where Piper intended to get him. But in the throws of orgasm, Gray drops the “L” bomb, sending Piper “running for the hills”, if you will. Piper is not looking for love, she’s looking for one thing, and wants a man that’s out for one thing.

While Piper is out clubbing, and pubbing one night, she meets Leo Carson. *swoon* Leo is gorgeous, sexy, brash and has no compunctions about saying or doing exactly what’s on his mind. Piper gives him the digits, and about a week later Leo calls Piper for a date. Well, that date ends up exactly where they both want…. against the door, in the bed, in the kitchen ect. What starts out as a one nighter, ends up being a weekender, and by Monday morning the weight of saying goodbye starts bearing down on Piper. Piper isn’t alone, Leo doesn’t want to let Piper go either, but neither of them say a word, and go their separate ways. After several days, Leo shows up at Piper’s workplace, and turns her world upside down. For everything Leo has been, circumstances prove him to be chivalrous, and protective as well. But it seems the more Piper feels toward Leo, the harder she pushes him away, her fear of rejection driving her actions to the point of being a bitch. Leo walks away, and forces Piper to admit what she desperately doesn’t want to, but she’ll never be the same after Leo. He’s turned her inside out physically and emotionally.

This is the first erotica I’ve read written in the first person POV. The story is told from Piper’s perspective, and Scarlett Parrish has done a phenomenal job with this. I was able to discern Leo, and his actions outside of the bedroom for what they were, and how they were meant. As for the erotic, Leo certainly made my toes curl, and my body parts quiver!! Leo *rawr* is definitely going on my “makes my toes curl” shelf.

A big “THANK YOU” to my friend that recommended this book, you know who you are. You always Rock on the rec’s.


Elena said...

Mmmmm Leo!! He's one of a kind. Loved this books as well.

Great Review!

Btw!! Who rec'd this book, I know it wasn't me, I'm no jealous Lol!

Scarlett Parrish said...

Ooh, thanks! Just got back home, saw someone had @-replied me a link to this review on Twitter and read it. Made my day. :D

I had a lot of fun writing Leo. He was INSATIABLE.

helpmerhonda72 said...

Scarlett...ummm.. Yea, Leo was alot of fun to read

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