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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sweet Revenge - Christy Reece

Mass Market Paperback, 386 pages
Published October 4th 2011 by Ballantine Books (first published September 27th 2011)
ISBN: 0345524055 (ISBN13: 9780345524058)
primary language: English
original title: Sweet Revenge (Last Chance Rescue, #8)

Jamie Kendrick went on a trip to hell at the hands of Stanford Reddington, a monster protected by money and power. Now, asking for Last Chance Rescue’s help, Jamie makes plans for her revenge. And Dylan Savage, one of LCR’s most skilled operatives, is given an assignment he despises but can’t refuse—to train the lovely Jamie but thwart her revenge plot at all costs. With tender ruthlessness, he pries open her most intimate secrets, and the attraction they’ve both tried to deny explodes into a scorching love affair—an affair that Dylan has to end. Months after Jamie stormed away from Dylan and LCR, the two meet again—at the home of Stanford Reddington. In the grips of hurt, anger, desire, and undercover danger, Jamie and Dylan will risk more than broken hearts: they’re risking everything to stop an evil fiend from destroying more lives, including their own. 
Dark Romantic Suspense with Christy Reece by cosproductions

Spunky Badass's!

Jaime Kendrick,was one of the victims in "Last Chance" she was mistaken for another women when she was abducted. When the perverted SOB bastard Hughes realizes she's not the woman he's looking for, he sells Jaime to another pervert, Mr. Reddington. Reddington, gives Jaime to his sick and twisted Son, Lance as his new sex toy slave for him and his friends to enjoy. *shivers with disgust*

Last Chance Rescue goes on an op to find Jaime Kendrick. Dylan Savage is one of the operators who busts in with his heroic self, and saves Jaime from more brutality that was bound to happen till he arrived.

Now that time has passed and Jaime has had time to heal physically and mentally, she wants revenge. After hearing Reddington was set loose from jail with no charges. Jaime goes to LCR with a plan. In return of giving LCR information she's withheld to find Reddington to put him away forever, she wants in on the op and be trained by the finest LCR operators. Lovely Noah McCall has his hands full with Jaime, she's determined to do whatever it takes, with or without LCR. Noah makes a decision, put her in harms way, or teach her? He finds the perfect person for the job. Dylan Savage *Squees in excitement*

Dylan is hardcore! Getting him to open and be nice to someone is not his persona. His MO is minding his business doing his job, moving forward and most importantly putting the fear in his enemies eyes. Whew! *rubs eyebrow* Dayum is so sexy with his grumpy bad ass self!

I think Dylan was pretty damn rough with Jaime and always finding away to hurt her feelings. But everything happens for a reason. Jaime toughens up with her heart and training methods. She's no longer that chick that's too afraid to swap a fly. She's tough and determined to do whatever it takes to do the job of closing down Reddington's Human Trafficking business and put him in jail for along time.

The hardest part of the novel for me, was listening to Dylan's horrific story he shares only with Jaime. And Jaime's story of what Lance, Reddinton's son did to her, it was degrading. Dylan is and always be Jaime's Halo! Such a sweet couple with a darkness only the two can embrace and understand each other to move forward. Awe!!! Dylan and Jaime *heart melting* They make falling in love so complicated but oh so irresistible. They're such spunky badass's! Okay someone pinch me, I'm in a dream world.Lol! I just really loved this novel.

One more thing, that had me clutching my heart and I couldn't believe it. Mr.Reddington's wife, Sarah, takes charge. My heart ached for her, I'm just in awe for the woman who spent so many years with this sick bastard.Finally her and her children are safe.It was incredible and the second best part of this novel.

Favorite Quote, and just picture, their in bed naked, you know what happened next *winks* hehehe....

Jaime: "You love your job, and you're damn good at it."
Dylan: "But I love you more"

OH Goodness! To get Dylan to let loosen up and say those words had me in awe and gaping with my mouth wide open! Lol!!

Love it, Loving it, Loved it!!!!!!

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