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Monday, 31 October 2011

Sugar Creek - Toni Blake

Welcome to Destiny, Ohio—where two families have been at odds as long as anyone in town can remember. Rachel Farris returned to her childhood home with one mission in mind: get Mike Romo out of her family's apple orchard business and out of their lives. But hard-nosed and totally hot Mike, who happens to be the law in Destiny, is convinced the Farris clan stole the land from his family fifty years ago and he's not backing down. Even when shapely trouble shows up in a pair of designer blue jeans. However, neither the hunky cop nor the sexy prodigal hometown girl can anticipate the electricity that heats things up whenever they're together—adding new sizzle to an ongoing feud that's raged for generations, and soon putting both their hearts at risk.

Best Book In This Series! Whoo Hoo!

It's a love/hate relationship between Rachel Farris and Mike Romo.

I loved the Hot Bad Boy Snooty Cop from the previous book One Reckless Summer but Mike was just sooooo much hotter arrogant and everything nice in this book...I LOVED! I LOVED IT,I LOVED IT! Lolz!

As for Rachel,I Loved her just the same.Her attitude, bad behavior and smart potty mouth kept me on my toes.A woman that's not afraid to back mouth a cop and tells it like it is. That's my kinda Heroine!

Oh! Let me not forget Edna,Rachel's grandmother;another character in this novel that I loved! She is funny,intelligent and all full of secrets!

Well for starters here's just a small glimpse of what the books is about. Edna Rachel's grandmother calls and asks her for a favor to help harvest apples from her Apple Orchid business for their fall festival.In which that business is what started a family feud between Rachel & Mike's family "The Ferris & Romo's" for over 50 years. Looks Like Grandma Edna Ferris & Giovanni Romo (Mike's grandfather) were hot for one another back in the days. Until Giovanni decides to be the bad boy that he is & Edna acts out and takes back the farm that Giovanni had given to her as a promise to her that he would come back and marry her.That's where all the drama and family feud begins.Nothing ever turns out the way we expect it to be. I didn't feel bad for Giovanni at all,he deserved being treated that way after the things he did.

Anywhoo....Back on topic here.....Mike and Rachel obviously have an attraction between one another. Really to the point where I can feel the hot steamy tension between the two.Goodness!The whole family feud scenerio doesn't help neither,their bickering,and teasing clashed the entire time in this novel. So I was so surprised when they warm up to each other and talk about their pasts and present fears/problems. I would never have thought these too could actually get a long and fall in love. I guess anythings possible.

I really loved this novel & hope to enjoy the next book the same,although I don't think anyone can fight off my attraction and liking for Mike,He's just that HOT and undeniably attractive!

My Thanks and Review goes to Miss Kim She rec'd an incredible series which I loved! I can't believe it took me so long to finish up this series,but it was so worth it! Thanks Kim! XOXO's

Chichi's Girl! *winks* LOL!

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