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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fallen From Grace by Laura Leone

When Ryan meets Sara, his new next-door neighbor in a rickety old San Francisco apartment building, both are in a state of emotional turmoil. Ryan, a high-priced prostitute, is trying to break free of his old life, but his handler, Catherine, won't let him.

Sara's medieval mystery series has just been terminated by her publisher, and she is now trying to write a historical thriller. Sara doesn't dare make the first move toward deepening their relationship because she is older than Ryan, not as physically attractive, and halfway convinced he is gay and that if she pushes him she will lose his friendship, which she values.

In this realistically gritty, sometimes violent, and gripping tale, Leone reveals the seamier side of society's maneuvering while she spins an unconventional romance between two unhappy people who find that love, like respect, can grow out of friendship and shared experiences and that new beginnings are indeed possible for those with the determination and courage to pursue them

Rhonda's Review:

I devoured this book in a couple of days,  I was so caught up in this story, that when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. It was a really emotional journey. Sadly the things that go on in this story happen every day.  I loved the characters and their story, especially Ryan.  He broke my heart over and over. As for Sara, kudos to her for making Ryan see his self worth.

Sara Diamond is 33 years old, and has just been dropped by her publisher.  Now unemployed and  trying to downsize her expenses, she sells her condo and moves into an apartment, against the advice of her younger sister Miriam.  Upon moving day Sara meets her new sexy neighbor, Ryan Kinsmore.  There is an instant attraction between Ryan and Sara, but they keep that tamped down becoming fast friends.  The two of them spend a great deal of time together, doing things friends would do, and Ryan really steps up and offers a lot of support and encouragement to Sara that her family hasn’t in regard to the decisions she has made.  As time goes by, Sara and Ryan have a difficult time putting their attraction aside, as they are now falling in love. 

Ryan has secrets that he never wanted Sara to know about, never intending for their relationship to move beyond friendship.  As their attraction ignites one night,  Ryan feels he can’t move forward with Sara unless he tells her his secrets, at which time he bares his soul to her.  Ryan opens up to Sara in a way he never has with anyone.

Kevin is a prostitute, he ran away from home in Okalahoma at the age of 14.  After his mother died, he was left in the custody of his father.  Kevin’s father became physically abusive to the point he had to run for his life.  Trying to get as far away as he can, he lands on the mean streets of California.  At 14, Kevin becomes a street kid doing what he needs to do to survive, until one night he was brutalized and left to die. Kevin was saved by a woman named Catherine, which he would later discover runs an “escort” service.  Catherine later takes Kevin “under her wing” so to speak, and grooms him to be the perfect date, able to mingle and be accepted in any social setting.  Kevin has accepted this way of life for himself because he has no other skills, and doesn’t think he’s smart enough or capable of doing anything else. That is until his new neighbor moves in.

4.5 Stars



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Elena said...

It's up! It's finnaly up! LOL!

I sent you praises on GR a few days ago,but I'll say it again,GREAT REVIEW! =)

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