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Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Lord Prince (Princes Trilogy #2) By Elizabeth Hoyt

Wealthy heiress Lady Georgina Maitland doesn't need a man, but she finds herself attracted to Harry Pye, a man with an air of danger about him. Local gossip has it that Harry is a killer, and that makes it quite difficult to have a discreet affair. Original.

Sam's Review:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SLIGHT SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Mrs Hoyt,

After I finally got around to reading your first book, “The Raven Prince,” I was hooked on your writing. I knew I had to have this book, “The Serpent Prince”. Well, now that I’ve finished this one I’m starting to panic. Only one book left. “Gah!”

I’m happy to say that I find Harry and George’s story more realistic than the first book. In the mid eighteenth century, I find it easier to believe that a lower class man and an upperclass woman could wed and find happiness than perhaps in, say, a Regency set novel.

One thing that stuck me immediately is how the way George acts seemed “right.” The way she would show up at Harry’s cottage and just waltz in, pick up his possesions, question him, kept him waiting when he first applied for steward’s job — all seem like something an upperclass woman would do, unthinkingly — she’s the employer and he’s the servant.

The sex scenes were hot and I love that Harry thinks George is beautiful just as she is. And thank you for not trying to pretty up Harry’s mother. The vindictive shrew in me rejoiced that old Granville suffered before he finally headed off to hell.

The identification of the sheep poisoner was a bit of a let-down since trying to incriminate Harry with carvings seems a little beyond Janie’s mental capabilities.

But overall, I was almost as happy with your second book as I was with the first and am psyched for “The Serpent Prince". Now I must go hold the book in my hands and happy dance a bit :: HAPPY DANCE :: 

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