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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Start Me Up (Tumble Creek #4) By Victoria Dahl

Lori Love has yearned to get out of tiny Tumble Creek, Colorado, her entire life. But now Lori Love is in lust--with her best friend's brother. Original.

Sam's review:

 A perfect book to follow up book one in this Tumble Creek Series. These books hook you in and you can’t help but want to finish them. They may not be the best stories I have ever read, or the most original but Dahl just seems to have a way with words. These books are funny, kinky and simply make me smile.
Start me Up, stars Lori Love, Tumble Creeks petite Mechanic and very work obsessed Quinn Jennings – both who we met in book one.  Lori feels like she and her life are going nowhere and she needs some sizzle in her life in the form of a hot summer fling.  Quinn fortunate for him ends up in the right place at the right time and offers to be of service to Lori for the summer. Both find this arrangement fantastic at first. The sex is hot, the romance is streamy and the scenes that Quinn puts together for Lori just leave you gapping!

What is great about this book and book one is that the hero and heroine are real. In what way you ask? Hmmm...how about, our hero can’t go hours in the sack. He cant demand ‘come now’ and she obliterates into a million pieces.  He isn’t built like a brick shit house – he is described as an Umbrella – how funny Is that? – Wide shoulders but otherwise lanky.

These stories are more based around the start of a relationship and even at the end where there is a happy ending, Dahl gives no promises. But I like this about the story. This is a modern story where relationships aren’t always tied up nicely with a bow, marriage and a baby.

I think I liked this book for than the first. Partly because the characters were already established and I felt I knew them better and because Quinn and Lori worked really well together. This book was read without effort and finished it within the day.

Two for two for Dahl...can book three make it a home run?

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Lupdilup said...

I saw these books on audio,( not sure if is this one exactly, might be the first book) but I didn't know anything about them, they sound like a nice an easy read/listen, sometimes that's just what I need.

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