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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Oracle's Moon (Elder's Races,#4) ByThe Harrison

As a second daughter, Grace Andreas never had to worry about the intrigues of the Elder Races. But when her sister, Petra, and Petra’s husband are both killed, Grace inherits the Power and responsibilities of the Oracle of Louisville, as well as her sister’s two young children – neither of which she is prepared for.

Yet, she is not alone. Khalil, Demonkind and Djinn prince of House Marid – driven by his genuine caring for the children – has decided to make himself a part of the household both as their guardian and as an exasperating counterpoint to Grace’s impudence toward the Elder Races.

But when an attempt is made on Grace’s life, she realizes that Khalil is the only one who can protect her – and offer her more than a mortal man…

Elena's Review:

 When I first became acquinted with this series,it was all new,fresh and alluring. Now I just have to give props to the author herself,Thea Harrison,she's a brilliant writer,and I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a novel written by her,even if it contained 50pages.. As each novel is written, I began to worry,if everyone of the characters would leave this series one by one. I now understand her motives and decisions. She's sneaky,in a good way. Lolz!

I decided to stop at 38% into the novel,to jot a few thoughts down for my review. So while I'm sitting here gathering my thoughts, I realized how deeply the story and the characters relationship are truly bounded together.It's so strong,you need to understand every emotion,and every word that's said, the metaphors were beautiful,you just simple need to read between the lines.There's  so much to learn, and so many questions to ask. I believe if readers that love the Elder's series,hopped onto reading this novel in hopes of getting your action,gore and smexin. Then you should hold that thought. Read the novel for what it's worth. The author has quite a story to tell. 

Two Days Later...............

Oh.My.Dayum!! It was so good!

Khalil,Dijinn Prince of House of Marid,and Grace Andreas,The Oracle, a match? Who would have guessed. It's as interesting as it sounds.

There's no better person to help protect Grace and her niece and nephew. In all in the matter of two weeks,what turns from being a protector, to friend,to a lover, no one could have accomplished trust and love like Khalil did. 

Graces' character goes into this novel full force,she's determined to become like no other Oracle has lived before her,and she makes sure being an Oracle and its powers could no longer be passed down to another descendant. And that she does.

Khalil,finds himself backed up in a corner,in all his years,falling for a human was never a thought that would cross his mind. After falling deeply in love with Chloe and Max (grace's niece and nephew) He wanted the whole package with no "if's ands or buts" So there you have it,Grace Andreas has brought the oldest of the Djinn,the PRINCE of Marid down to his knees and shows him love,compassion and honesty.A life he would never take for granted or let go. 

So of course there's much more to the story, but I needed to gloat for a while about these two characters. I just can't stop thinking about them. That being said,read the blurb if you want details. Ahaha!!

My favorite quote:

"I started counting time for you.
I want to change who I am for you.
You are my Grace"

My reaction: Weeps and pulls out a hunk of tissues,along with many words on how much I love that man. Khalil may be fierce and tough,but he's my cuddly tazmanian devil. LOVE HIM!!! *still weeping with happy tears*

I'm loving the series more and more as each novel comes along. Well worth the anticipation and waiting period between each books release. 


helpmerhonda72 said...

Way to go Elena!! I can't wait to catch up with this series!! *claps*

Elena said...

Thanx! It was more based on my thoughts,but it's enough to get anyone else to read it. Lol!!

You should finish the series,so you'll be prepared for the next novel :)

helpmerhonda72 said...

Your thoughts are good. I have written reviews like that too, and never touched on the plot.

GraceDZ said...

Ahhh! Another series I need to get into! Great review, Elena!

Elena said...

Grace!! If you like Alpha Heroes who are over protective this is your serious :)

Tina (Queentutt's World of Escapism) said...

Wow! Great review! I am currently reading Serpent's Kiss and am totally blown away. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much because I did not care for the main character when she appeared in Storm's Heart. Can't wait to get to Oracle's Moon. Thanks!

HighlandHussy said...

great review! I have this one, but I still have to read Serpent's Kiss and catch up!

Elena said...

Thank Ladies! This is a fun series to read!

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