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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Collide - Megan Hart

A childhood accident left Emmaline vulnerable to disturbing fugue states that last only minutes, but feel like an eternity. The blackouts are unsettling but manageable…until she meets Johnny Dellasandro.
The reclusive painter gained notoriety in the '70s for his debauched lifestyle and raunchy art films. His naked body has achieved cult status, especially in Emm's mind—she's obsessed with the man, who's grown even sexier with age. Today Johnny shuns the spotlight and Emm in particular…until she falls into a fugue on his doorstep.
In that moment she's transported back thirty years, crashing a party at Johnny's place in his wild-man heyday— the night is a blur of flesh and heat that lingers on her skin long after she's woken to the present.
It happens again and again, each time-slip another mind-blowing orgy, and soon Emm can't stop, though every episode leaves her weaker and weaker. She's frightened by what's happening to her, but she's even more terrified of losing this portal to the Johnny she wants so badly. The one who wants her, too, and takes her—every chance he gets.

Collide by Megan HartCOLLIDE - I don’t know how I am going to review this book without giving away too much! Megan Hart has twisted and weaved the elements of time in this new book – My opinions on time travel are hit and miss. If it’s done well, then it’s usually great, but if it’s done poorly then it’s a miss.  This is most defiantly a hit.
I love the style of Harts writing. It’s so sensual; every little thing is made to be erotic even without it meaning to be. I love the subjects that she touches and the intimate details about everything from making love, to watching a video, drinking a cup of coffee or getting yourself off.
The characters in this book are beautiful. Johnny Dellasandro is a 57yr old ex movie star, now artist. And Emm is a 32 yr old banker who for her entire life has suffered from Fagues –
DEFINITION - A state or period of loss of awareness of one's identity, often coupled with flight from one's usual environment, associated with certain forms of hysteria and epilepsy. –
After first coming in contact with Johnny, Emm becomes almost obsessed with him - buying ridiculous memorabilia, researching him on the net etc. And all of a sudden her fugues start happening more and more often, but now her fugues seem to be taking her back to a time when Johnny Dellasandro is in his 20’s and living in the 70’s. But things become even more peculiar when it becomes more obvious that these ’fugues’ are not in fact a dream but in fact reality.
Emm starts a relationship with Johnny in the 70’s when he is at his most yumfuckalbe, but also starts seeing the Johnny of now - the 57yr old version. Lines become blurred when Emm sometimes can’t tell the difference between the then Johnny and the now Johnny. And not only that, Johnny seems to be slipping up and saying things that make Emm think that maybe he knows something but isn’t saying it.
This is the first story I have ever read, where it’s a love story between a young woman and an older man. I did have moments when I couldn’t imagine ever thinking that a relationship with someone 30 yrs my elder would be an okay thing, but it wasn’t made as issue in the book – so it wasn’t an issue for me. I mean, there are some really hot movie stars out there that are in their 50’s, and hell I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity if I had a chance.  Hart is a badass for writing sordid tales and I feel compelled to read everything this woman writes.
The only thing I could have asked more of – the ending left me with some loose ends and a lot of questions. I think a lot of people are going to find this book controversial but I FREAKING loved it!

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