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Friday, 26 August 2011

Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning

Sinners’ lead singer, Sed, had his heart shredded when Jessica left him to pursue her dreams,so when she dances her way back into his life, he's not sure he's ready for her brand of pain, or pleasure, again.

When she convinces Sed to engage in a benefits with benefits relationship, things seem to be going his way, until one of his fans catches their explicit public display of affection on film and posts it all over the internet.

Will Jessica ever trust Sed again? And has Sed become the man of Jessica’s dreams or is he just posing to get what he wants?

Rock Hard by Olivia CunningORGASM #4 Top notch scene in this book! Wooooo BABY! I happen to be sitting on the floor on my comfy rug,then literally rolled on the floor and laughed my butt off, ahahaha....but then couldn't help myself, I was in total bliss. Can someone wake me up? Cause I didn't want that scene to end..or...rather I didn't want the book to end,what-so-EVER!

This novel was so wicked! Truthfully? I loved the first novel to this series Back Stage Pass but I rendered speechless with this book! My Goodness! Sed and Jessica had it going on! Allllll around the city (if you catch my drift,LOL)

Let's talk about Sed Lionheart here for just a moment. *Ahem* I caught myself clearing my throat from all the dryness after a few hours of having my mouth gaped wide open. HOT DOGGIT! Sed is SEXY AND WICKED! When I say he's good with his fingers and tongue,believe me,cause I felt it all the way down town,and I was just the reader.LOL!.................When reading about Sed's character in BSPass,He was just okay,I felt bad for him,and I totally hated Jessica's guts,but not anymore. Now knowing exactly what went down,I loved both of them. All it took was Sed to finally realize,he needed to stop being so controlling and let Jessica make her own decision.If there is one thing men should know about woman "Woman don't like to be tugged around and be told what to do,we just get frustrated and do the complete opposite". It takes 2years for this Smexy-Ass couple to reunite again,after their terrible breakup,it may not have been a Honky-Dory moment,but their bad encounter is what they needed to reconcile and deal with their past.

Although,I was wondering what the heck was she thinking,did she honestly think she could use up Sed as her own personnel sex slave and think she could give him up? Obviously not,Jessica sees a side of Sed's soft and admirable heart that she didn't see from him when they were engaged.I loved their connection,it felt like they could hear one anothers heart and knew,there was no letting go. Jessica was a strong impregnable character,with or without Sed by her side no one could tug her down and make her lose her defenses. I loved it! Did I mention she has lots of Stamina? Yeesh! I guess that's what happens when a woman doesn't have sex for two years? Gwad! I was so jealous,her and Sed rocked the bed sheets that I was under at night. LOL!

I've upgraded form a Sinners Fangirl to their Body Guard! LOL! I can't believe how much bad luck the Sinner's Band has, every time they try to work on their new album, one of the band members gets hurt. *sighs* What I loved the most about this book,it was more then just about Sed and Jessica.The Band Members Rock!
Trey played a major role in this story,along with Eric,Brian and of course I can't forget Jace That man makes my mind flicker with naughty pics to drool over.ahahaha.....for instance,I went batshite during this scene “That is hotter.” Jace nodded at the leather-clad, black-haired woman brandishing a whip on the left-hand stage. His entire body jerked with excitement every time her whip cracked."...... *Elena Shudders* Y'all can make fun of me,but I'll rock and rob that cradle any day! Mmmmmm......Nice!

Olivia Cunning did a marvelous job writing this book. It was what I expected plus some! The concert scenes were off the charts
It felt as if I were on stage with them and seeing them Rock On Hard Core! If I knew my family wouldn't look at me as if a "weirdo" I would've squealed like a crazed fan. LOL! Great Job Olivia! BTW,Now I understand the meaning to the book title "Rock Hard" Cause Sed is always "Rock Hard" hehehehe.....


helpmerhonda72 said...

I still love reading this review!!!!

Elena said...

Awe Shucks! Thanks Girlie! This book is HAWT! hahaha

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Fabulous review!

Elena said...

Thanks Megan!

Sam S2 said...

See, you must have faith in your reviews - there awesome.

Loupe Duffy said...

Great review Elena! I also loved this book!

Kweng Alair said...
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