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Monday, 29 August 2011

The Darkest Secret ( Lords of The Underworld #7) - Gena Showalter

Keeper of the demon of Secrets, Amun can manipulate the darkest thoughts of anyone nearby. But when new demons possess him, the immortal warrior must be chained and isolated to protect those he loves. Death is his only hope of release—until he meets Haidee, a fellow prisoner whose beauty and hidden vulnerability draw him into a reckless test of his loyalty…

Haidee is an infamous demon assassin, raised to despise Amun’s kind. Yet how can she hate the man whose touch sets her aflame? But to save him, she must give herself body and soul…and face the wrath of a powerful adversary sworn to destroy her.

The Darkest Secret by Gena ShowalterFor those of you who didn't wanna finish this series because you weren't happy with the choices Showalter made.Then I'm gonna tell you now. Stop being a Ding-Dong, pick up the dang book and read it! I assure it's well worth reading and you will LOVE IT!

As we all know from the previous book "Darkest Lie" William and Aeron,took Amun into hell to rescue Legion.So this book continues on from there. When Amun-Keeper of the demon of secrets helps in this mission, he absorbs all the bad thoughts and memories of Demon Minions,hundreds of them to be precise. I felt remotely saddened reading Amun go through so much pain. *sighs'* He's just,so darn sweet and lovable,he'd rather feel the pain and misery than expose others to his torture,so he keeps it in. He can’t speak aloud for fear all the secrets he has bottled up will come spilling out and hurt those around him.We don't really read much of him in the series,so reading this book had me jumping for joy to finally to read up on my favorite tortured hero and his amazing HEA.YUP! I say Amazing,cause he stole the spotlight of the series!

Haidee-(she has a few secrets of her own,but I'm keeping it to a minimum) Let's just say,she is a Hunter,enemy to the LOTU who many years ago killed a very good friend of there's,Baden. Her parents and husband were killed by,who she thought were the Lords,but after putting the pieces together she comes to realize after all these years,hunting and avenging to kill the Lords was a total mistake.

Haidee & Amun- They're complete opposites but if Amun's happy,I'm happy. I didn't think I would ever come to like Haidee at all.Now I take it all back.She helped, stole, and captured my Heroes heart. They both found a way to put their pasts behind and patch things up.Their love for one another was strong,passionate and trusting.

But... Strider-Demon of Defeat (The only Lord to actually make me purr...ahahaha) has a strong infatuation with the Heroine. Until he realizes it was never meant to be. Regardless of how much he wanted to shag and torture his enemy,he kept his cool.As they say "everything happens for a reason" Once he let's go and goes on a mini-vaca with Will & Paris,well,things just get better. The humor just rolled off the pages. Like for instance, here's a quote that's had me laughing my butt off even after I read the book,the scene is when Strider and William meet up with Paris and a bunch of Strippers:

"I call dibs on the topless one," William said from Strider's left," throwing back his ambrosia laced beer."And the one wearing dental floss" "That's a thong moron" Paris slurred from Strider's right. "If you call that thing riding up her ass is a thong,whatdya call that string across her nipples?" Will countered."A string" Paris confirmed his own genius."........... LOL! I loved it!

It's obvious with all the tension going on this novel that Strider will have an HEA with a certain someone.I just can't wait!

As for Paris,if he doesn't get the love of his life back,I'm gonna go insane.I'm getting tired of the wallowing,but at the same time I feel bad for him.

Hmmmmm....William and Gilly? I have a feeling their story is going to be very emotionally.Someone's heart is definitely going to be broken. Woman only have so much tolerance to hold on and wait for their crush to finally give in and show love back in return.

All in all,I loved the book and can't wait for the next installment to be released!

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