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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hanging With Friends

Sam: What TSR mean?
9:57 PM 
 Elena: What is it in regards too?Cause I have no idea.
 Touch Sam's Rump? Rotfl!!!!!!!
9:59 PM
Sam: You wrote it,In a msg before.
You were talking about hanging with friends...

10:00 PM 
Elena: Where? I must have been thinking about u at the time lol
10:01 PM 
10:02 PM
Sam: So u have no idea what u were talking about??

10:03 PM 
Elena: Everytime it's time for me to guess a word, 
instead of clicking on vowel letters like A E I O U" I click T R then R"
cause those letters are mist likely to be in a word
  I meant S
10:03 PM 
Sam: Oooooo I get it!! Thanks for clearing that up!

10:04 PM  
Elena:Don't use my methods get ur own lmao!!!!
10:04 PM 




Sam S2 said...

Love ya Babe!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Yes, I agree that our best friends deal with our stupidness willingly!

Elena said...

LOL! That's Me! Actually it's a 2 way street here,ahaha...Sam puts up with a lot of my shite.LOLZ!

Elena said...
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