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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


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As September rolls in, so does another month of awesome book releases! Don't you just love that impending feeling when you know there is going to be a stack of new books arriving at your door, to hug, to cuddle, to caress.... OK so maybe that's just me.... whateves!

I thought I would showcase for us all whats being released this month! Feel free to kick my arse if I have forgotten anything, which I'm sure I have.
And you know what? I'm in the mood for a GIVEAWAY!! Here is the dealio -
I'm going to giveaway to one lucky follower an Ebook copy (Kindle, Nook, PDF ect) of their pick of one of the following new September releases!
Open to all!


The Darkest Surrender - September 27th
Gena Showalter

The Darkest Surrender  (Lords of the Underworld, #8)

Never Been Bit - September 21st
Lydia Dare

Never Been Bit (Regency Vampyre Trilogy, #3)

Envy - September 6th
JR Ward

Envy (The Fallen Angels, #3)

Lost In Time - September 27th
Melissa De La Cruz

Lost in Time (Blue Bloods, #6)

Unclaimed - September 20th
Courtney Milan

Unclaimed (Turner, #2)

Sexiest Vampire Alive - September 27th
Kerrelyn Sparks

Sexiest Vampire Alive (Love at Stake, #11)

The Last Rising - September 6th
Rachel Firasek

The Last Rising (Curse of the Phoenix, #1)

The Dark Earl - September 6th
Virginia Henley

The Dark Earl

To win all you have to do is....

Fill out the form below, hit enter and your done!

Winner will be announced September 5th and randomly selected using RANDOM.ORG
Winner has 48hrs to reply via email. If there is no response within allotted time frame, another winner will be drawn.
If the book of your choice is yet to be released, book will be supplied on release date.


Lady Jayne said...

Sam, Elena and Rhonda, I just wanted to say that your blog is AWESOME! Love the colours and the Charlie's Angel-esque look! You have some amazing apps and man candy, too. Great work! I hope you don't mind sharing some blogging tips with lil ol' me. Love the blog!!!

Lady Jayne from Lady Jayne's Reading Den


Under the Covers said...

Hey babes, congrats on our first giveaway!!!!! It's such a good one!!! Yay!!!

Love you girls!!


Angela said...

I love giveaways!!!! Thanks!

Kristie said...

I am so excited for you ladies. I absolutley love your blog. Great giveaway!

Blue Shedevil said...

Great contest, bit it's sooo hard! Trying to pick just one....that's torture of the cruelest variety.

Karen said...

Your blog is beatiful and I always enjoy your reviews. :)

Elena said...

Awe!! Thanks sooo much lovely ladies!

We have much more for everyone to look forward to, so stay tuned..That includes endless eye candy. Lol! Nah! We have many more ideas that people with blogs would enjoy. Just follow and keep connected. Us ladies at Awesomness are full of surprises ;)

Hope everyone is enjoying our new look to blog,We spent hours of endless sleep trying to make it just the way we like it :)

Funniest comment above goes to Blue Shedvil. Lmao!!!!! I hope you made up your mind by now...

Temara said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!! :)

_yay_ said...

Oh!!! These books sound awesome. Thanks so much for the giveaway :-)
_yay_ @ http://bookthatthing.blogspot.com

BellaBunnell said...

Fantastic blog! Fun giveaway! Thanks!

SexxyBlogger said...

awesome giveaway...ooo, I hope I win! I love your blog & your man can...mmmm mmmm good!

helpmerhonda72 said...

Thanks ladies!!
It's all Sam and Elena!!
But I'm glad to be a part of it. :)

LethalLovely said...

Thanks for giveaway, chicas!

Jodie Riverina Romantics said...

Great giveaways guys.

Well done on the blog - it looks awesome.

Elena said...

Thanks everyone for making a trip to our blog. Just FYI ladies the words "Awesome" just tickles us and boost our egos, Lol!! Love it!!

Sam will be joining shortly,I bet she'll have a few words of Awesomness to spread hehehe...

Sam S2 said...

WOW! All this praise is making little ol'me blush! Thanks everyone! Please spread the word!

Jean Vallesteros said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!!
Now head over to mine :)))

Nissie said...

Love the new blog, sweeties! You're doing a great job :)

Jessica said...

I just love your reviews and thanks for the giveaways.

metallifan15 said...

Awesome looking blog ladies. Loving the reviews too! Thanks for doing an awesome giveaway!

Mindy fangedmom said...

HI everyone! *waves*

New to your blog and what a nice blog it is!

thanks for the chance to win! I was so excited to see the incredible list of books!!!

Thank you!!


Alyssa (Hesperia Loves Books) said...

Great giveaway ladies! The blog freaking rocks!!!!! Thanks for the listing on your blog roll, you'll be added to mine as well. I'm so excited about your upcoming PC interview ♥

Elena said...

Awe! Y'all ladies are just too sweet!!

We wanna thank you for noticing and participating on our giveaway. It makes us happy to see everyone of you happy.

Thank For Stopping! I can't wait to see who our one lucky winner is :)

Sam S2 said...

Elena, isnt everyone being so nice!! I just want to let them all win :(

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Awesome choices!

ahz1 said...

What a great contest! Love your blog.

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