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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Storms Heart - Thea Harrison


I thought the previous book was phenomenal.This book is beyond words! What a great series.Once again,I fell head over heels with the H/H. Tiago and Tricks.....There's so much to say about them.I loved their characters with a passion.As much tension these two released,when they did release,I was flaburgasted! I wish I could say more,but I'm just downright Speechless!

Thea Harrison did a great job writing this series.I'm a content and happy reader.I surely can not wait for the next installment to this wonderful series.

My next top favorite characters are Arayal and Rune.It's a dead giveaway,there will be something between Rune and Carling. My biggest concern is who is good enough for Arayal? She's a tough diesel Harpy.Who on earth can manage to handle her? Can Thea Harrison pull off her character with a nice kick? I hope so!


Karen said...

I am reading this now and like the first book, I am loving it!

Sam S2 said...

Great review Chica!

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