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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron, By Jennifer Ashley

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

By Jennifer Ashley ( Book 3 in the Highland Pleasures series)

I loved this!!

After reading Ian’s story, the autistic Mackenzie with his challenging personality, and sex appeal that just oozed from the pages, I fell in love with him and his bawdy talk.  And his heroine Beth was absolutely perfect, I loved that she was able to see past what made him different, and love the man he is, she truly saved him from his madness.

Then along came Mac Mackenzie, the artist, the image of him shirtless in a kilt wearing his boots, and bandana tied around his head while painting is still burned into my mind. Muscles rippling across his back with each stroke of his brush, *swoon*.  There were a few times I wanted to throttle Isabella, but as the story goes, I found out a lot about what Mac and Isabella have suffered together, and what divided them eventually brought them together and made them stronger.

Now…Cameron Mackenzie, the unashamed rake of the Mackenzie brothers, (who can have all of my buttons).  Cameron goes through his women like his whiskey. He lavishes them with jewels and such, in effort to make himself feel better about what he’s doing, but also giving his mistresses a piece of what they’re looking for, other than just the pleasure they seek from him.
Having been married before at a very young age to a disaster of a woman, this marriage produced a son, who is now 16 yrs old, Daniel Mackenzie. I’ll touch more on Daniel in a bit. The Mackenzie brothers have always had scandal surrounding them, and they never seem to be concerned about it either.  Cameron was thought to have murdered his wife when Daniel was just a baby, but was acquitted, but still viewed as guilty in the public eye.  This also adds to the appeal he has to his mistresses, they view him as dangerous as well.  Cameron takes his pleasures from those women he despises, and moves on, with no intention of ever marrying again, due to the mental, and physical scars his first marriage caused him.

That is until he for the second time finds Ainsley Douglas hiding in his bedchamber, which is where he found her six years prior, and hasn’t ever been able to shake her from his memory, and here she is again, reigniting the feelings that stirred him all those years ago.  But he isn’t the only one affected,  because he sparked the same desire in her, but she was married at the time, now six years later she is widowed.

I really enjoyed this couple, a lot!  Cameron and Ainsley were a lot of fun, but beneath the sexy fun, they both have deep scars of their past that need tending to.  I loved the dynamics of their relationship, and the commonality between Ainsley, Cameron, and Daniel.  And Daniel has a significant part in this story, he was so cute, and he stole a few scenes too, he is a definite young Mackenzie.  This story also has it’s share of heartbreak, so be prepared with a tissue or two.

Jennifer Ashley snared me with Ian Mackenzie, and this was a wonderful addition to the Highland Pleasures series.  I’m really looking forward to Hart’s story.


Elena said...

Awwe! You went all out in this review. Love it!

Great review!

Under the Covers said...

I loved this book as well, I am loving the sexy Mackenzies at the moment!


Sam S2 said...

I cant wait to read this book! Im so glad you finally got to post your review!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

I have to read this one too.

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