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Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Immortal Highlander - Karen Marie Moning

Enter a world of timeless seduction, of ancient intrigue and modern-day passion. Enter the dazzling world of Karen Marie Moning, whose acclaimed Highlander novels have captivated readers, spanning the continents and the centuries, bringing ancient Scotland vividly to life. In a new novel brimming with time-travel adventure and sensual heat, the nationally bestselling author of The Dark Highlander delivers a love story that will hold you in thrall—and a hero you will most certainly never forget.

BEWARE: lethally seductive alpha male of immense strength and dark eroticism, do not look at him. Do not touch him. Do not be tempted. Do not be seduced.

The Immortal Highlander (Highlander, #6)Damn, its good to be me.
- Adam Black, on being Adam Black

Adam Black is a Tuatha De’Danaan, rouge even among his own kind. His favoured glamour is that of an intensely sexual Highland blacksmith with a powerful rippling body, golden skin, long black hair, and dark, mesmerizing eyes. Highly intelligent and lethally seductive. Alleged to have nearly broken The Compact on not one, but two occasions. He is, by far, the most dangerous and unpredictable of his race.

Oh and did I mention frigging hot to trot with a shlong the size of King Kong!?!?!?!? Oh *sighs dreamily* Adam Black, sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. Yes is my answer – YES! I can only imagine that if I ever got my hands onto your fairy body the sex would be so good that even the neighbours would need to have a cigarette.
The other day upon the stair, I saw a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today; how I wish he’d go away!
- Gabrielle O’Callaghan, on Adam Black.
enjoyed Gabrielle’s character. I do tend to get a bit pissy at female characters with their constant self analysis about crap that is totally irrelevant. Not that Gabrielle wasn’t completely without a little self deprecation; it was just that it wasn’t to the extent where I felt like clobbering her one over the head with a mallet. She was intelligent – studying to be a lawyer in fact. And she withstood Adams sexy charms longer than any sane woman would have. I bow to her.

So needless to say, I loved this book. This of course is the story of Adam Black and Gabrielle O’Callaghan and is easily the best I have read so far in this series. I found there was a lot of laugh out loud moments is the book. The plot was enthralling and fast paced. Adam *sigh* is being punished by his Queen for restoring the life of Daegus Mackelter and has forced him into being human and invisible to everyone around him. That is, everyone except Gabby. Gabrielle is a sidhe-seer (someone who can see the Fae). When Adam realized that she can see him, he sets out ruthlessly to get Gabrielle to help him set his life back to rights. Gabrielle has grown up thinking that all fairies are evil so is very wary about helping Adam, but learns quickly along the way that you should never take anything at face value.

Of course there are the usual baddies who are set out to release Hunters into the human world and kill Adam Black.

The romance between Adam and Gabrielle was palpable. They have grant banter and such a great attraction toward one another. Gabrielle withstood Adams charms for an awfully long time and just when you think something was finally going to happen – they get ....interrupted. KMM made these two characters work for each other, with Adam perpetually trying to seduce Gabrielle.

Faults? I am a little over the all the mid twenty year old virgins. Can we not have just one girl in the series that already had her ‘maidenhead’ taken by say, I don’t know....the jerk down the road? And one more tiny thing, long hair down to ones waist, would be so terribly disgusting on a man. Can you imagine the knots? Bleh...

Summary – The Immortal Highlander was a truly wonderful read. I haven’t laughed out loud in a book like this for a long time. I recommend this to anyone hasn’t read it.

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