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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Just the Sexiest Man Alive - Julie James

Just the Sexiest Man Alive"Just The Sexiest Man Alive" is one of my favorite novels written by Julie James!

Taylor our heroine is a Chicago Lawyer,who's sent to Las Angeles to take on a lawsuit. Jason the hero of the novel,is "The Sexiest Man Alive",his role is being a snooty movie star,thinking all woman can't wait to drop their panties anywhere for him. In this story,Taylor puts the stop to his major ego. I Loved it!

Taylor proves to Jason she won't drop to her knees and devour over him.She,amongst all woman doesn't care if he's a major celebrity.Once that finally kicks in and Jason realizes he can't win Taylor over with his sexy charms.He loves her for all the right reasons and sees in her what he doesn't see in other woman,loyalty,honesty and beauty. Taylor is Jasons,lustful charm.Of course just like many story plots,the hero has impeccable timing and ruins the relationship, but it takes a strong heroine to forgive and forget and mend things back to the way they were.Hollywood is a handful of craziness. This couple dishes out the good and the bad on being a celeb and lawyer trying to make their relationship work. It's obvious,the two fall in love. Yay!!! I love my HEA's!

My Favorite quote/motto in this novel was "SHIT HAPPENS" When I read or hear that phrase,my mind jumps and I think about this book :) It's a fantastic way of expressing ones feeling without going into details. I Lurve it!!! Lol!

I loved this novel more than others that I've read by this author, but she has a wonderful way of writing a Chick-Lit romance and wanting a reader to ask "Are there more novels written by this author?" My answer,"Yes there is" Lolz!


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Jodie loves this author.

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