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Monday, 15 August 2011

Would you wax your BFF arse Crack?

Elena : ok,but i'm invincible....ROTFL!

Sam : ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

Sam: To cool for skype

Elena: who is?

Elena : o hang on,I'm reading your email now

Sam: you....invincible....INVISIBLE !!!!!

Elena : LMAO! That's why I laughed,to yank your chain

Sam: Im trying to review, Enemy Lover. the group read. Have you read it

Elena: I haven't read it yet,it's my next read

Sam: It was craptastic. nar, it was okay. I skimmed a LOT!

Elena: Rhonda loved it

Elena : OOOOO U bad girl!

Elena : LOL

Sam: suck my hairy arse crack

Elena: Ewwwww......

Sam : i dont really have a hairy arse crack

Elena: has Rhonda told u bout a blog book she read and hairy sacs?

Elena : ROTFL

Elena: if u had a hairy ass crack we can't be friends anymore cause the images are disturbing LOL!

Sam: what?!!! you wouldnt wax it for me

Elena: ROTFL! No fuckin way! I would puke everywhere ahahahaah

Sam : how abour a brazilian

Sam: there hawt

Elena : LOL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elena: ahahahaha

Sam: im closing this window



Elena said...

WTF?!?!?!? You Sneaky Nasty Byotch! ahahahahaha....No You Didn't!

helpmerhonda72 said...

Just for the record, it was Nina Pierce book I read, and it was a "furry sac" and my immediate thought was, Is he part squirrel?". Lol!!
It lost a star just for that.

Elena said...

Rotfl!!!!! Thanks for clearing it up, that day we had this convo, she switched screens so we can add you to the convo and Sam forgot to ask about it. Lol!!

So "Furry Sac" not "Hairy Sac" Lol!!!! Funny Stuff!

Sam S2 said...

I have so many sneaky convo's up my sleeve, you wont know what hit you!

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

WTF!?!? You guys be having majorly disturbing convos!

Elena said...

Yes Megan! They're fun! ahahahahaha.....

barklesswagmore said...

Oh good lord, did we need to see that?

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