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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Shut your dang mouth!

I just have to share this story with everyone because it’s just not fair!
I had to get fuel today, and as per usual the price of fuel is a total rip off! But lucky for me I had a fuel discount voucher for .4 cents off per litre. So I decided that I may as well fill all the way up, right?
I ended up getting 44.09 Litres of fuel at $137.4 per litre. It came to $60.58. I was trying to do some handy dandy calculations on my way into pay, thinking I was going to get maybe $1 or $2 off the total price after I surrendered my voucher.
I walk up to the counter, and here is how it went down:
Me:  Hi, number four thanks J
Fat pimply teenager: Err, that’s $66.58, have you got any vouchers today?
Me: Sure do!  (Hands over voucher)
Fat pimply teenager: That’s a double voucher Miss, so you get 8c of per litre (scans docket)
Me: Sweet! Fuels to expensive as it is!
Fat pimply teenager: (types something into cashier) that comes to $21.78 thanks

Cheering at super cheap fuel!!

Now instead of me keeping my mouth trap shut about how drastically CHEAP my fuel is, I say (as I’m paying)
Me: Um....was that for bowsers Number 4?
Fat Pimply teenager: Yes, DSI05?
Me: Yep, that’s it. It’s just really cheap.
Fat Pimply teenager: (double checks) Sorry Miss, its scanned up for .88c per litre off not .8c per litre off. Gee thanks for being so honest and pointing that out.
Me: No troubles mate ...

Secretly inside I’m fucking seething at the fact I just opened my trap and pointed out the puss face teenager’s mistake. I could have had fuel for like jack shit a litre. I ended up having to get a refund and re scan it all thru and pay again with only a pissy little discount that came to a total.....

$ 3.53 off.

Note to self. Keep mouth shut in situations where one is getting fuel for cheap as chips.


Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

Too funny! That's what you get for being honest lol! Though I have no idea what that translates into US $ it still seems like a lot. But then you Aussie's tend to pay out the nose for stuff. Jodie has shared some of the book prices with me and it's totally outrageous! I can't even imagine paying over $20 for a book that we only pay $8 at the most for.

Sam S2 said...

It is expensive! Everything here is expensive! And book and fuel are just the tip of the ice berg!

Karen said...

Sometimes it pays not to be honest!!

Elena said...

Ooo goodness!!! Sam you poor thang, that must've been a dissapointment. I've learned my lesson too. Sometimes I use coupons for cleaning products and I always get cashback. Y? I have no clue, it's only one store that, that happens. I've learned to keep my mouth shut. Lolz! Instead of paying 4bucks for Clorox I pay a 1buck. Y complain. It ain't my fault :P

Sooooo Lessoned Learned? I hope so Mate :P

Elena said...
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